Welcome to Pontypool .co.uk, your guide to Pontypool in Torfaen, South Wales. With a population of around 36,000, Pontypool is the largest town in Torfaen, and is noted for its long history of being involved in iron manufacturing with several iron forges along the Afon Lwyd river. Later the town saw the emergence of a tin works and a gas works in the Pontymoile area. The name Pontypool actually derives from a bridge that existed near the forge pool, known as Pont poell.

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The town of Pontypool is situated in Monmouthshire in southern Wales, on the river Afon Lwyd. The town’s name derives from a bridge near to the forge pool (Pont Poell). Pontypool is one of three towns in the Torfaen region, the other two being Cwmbran and Blaenavon.

The local industry was always steel and iron production as well as coal mining and the railways. The town of Pontypool grew from 1588 onwards, when an ironworks was constructed there and the Hanbury family developed Japanning, which is a lacquer ware. The town developed around Pontypool Park, where the Hanburys resided and were influential in the town’s history and growth.

Pontypool Park remains a tourist attraction today, with its 150 acres of stunningly beautiful scenery. The park features tennis courts, a bowling green and a dry ski-slope, making it a popular destination for visitors to the town.

Today, Pontypool has experienced a redevelopment of its Crane Street area which is its main shopping location, offering a wealth of locally sourced goods. Further regeneration work in the town is thought to be worth around £13m and will lead to key buildings such as the market hall being restored.

Map of Pontypool

Pontypool Map

Photographs of Pontypool

Bridge 51 in Pontypool

Photograph by Colin Madge.

St Cadoc's Church in Trevethin

Photograph by John Grayson.

Cwm Lickey in Pontypool

Photograph by Leyton Williams-Davies.

Pontypool Park Art

Photograph by Matt Rosser.

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